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The boss itself resembles a large flying brain in its first stage. In this stage, 20 to 30 Creepers spawn along with the Brain and orbit the boss at.

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The Twins are a Hardmode Mechanical Boss which is essentially a harder . Similar to the Eye of Cthulhu, The Twins will not spawn if you log out or move.

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Brain of Confusion Desktop Version Console Version .. Skeletron Prime · Mechanical Battery Piece Desktop Version Console .. Summoning.

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Terraria Summoning King Slime Boss Terraria Summoning Brain of Cthulhu Boss Before the defeat of Skeletron Prime it may be dropped by any enemy.

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Summoning the Moon Lord, final boss of Terraria can summon are the Eye of Cthulhu and either Eater of Worlds or the Brain of . Terraria The Twins Boss.

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Each 3 Crimson Hearts you break will spawn a Brain of Cthulhu making it easy to refight. . that one of the Mechanical bosses(The Twins, The Destroyer, Skeletron Prime) will spawn during night. A Screenshot of Terraria.