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If you live in the European Region, WhatsApp Ireland Limited provides WhatsApp to For example, you may receive flight status information for upcoming travel.

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May 15, You and the company or business that you are authorized to represent (“you,” “ your,” or “Company”) agree to these WhatsApp Business Terms.

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Apr 24, If you don't live in the European Region, WhatsApp Inc. provides your status, and sharing your location with others when you choose.

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Aug 25, Today, we're updating WhatsApp's terms and privacy policy for the first time in four years, as part of our plans to test ways for people to.

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We're excited to continue building features that make WhatsApp even more From emoji and camera features to Status and animated GIFs, we're always.

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Aug 10, Creating tickets on the fly from messages in whatsapp will be very just like tickets from other channels: apply macros, set a ticket status, and.