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Text to Sing allows users to type in words and hear them sung back, as part of a message or other user-created media, without the need for any plug-in or install. Oddcast can configure almost any song or melody to work with this technology. The end product can consist of either the.

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Write your lyrics in the following field and press the «Melobytes» button. Between the When the lyrics are sung, they are almost unintelligible. Is there any.

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The act of writing has always been an art. Now, it can also be an act of music. Each letter you type corresponds to a specific musical note putting a new spin to .

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An app that 'sings' your messages and sends them to other people over up the app they are presented with a window to type messages in at.

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**Music App of the Year Winner** Ditty sings anything you text. Make stupidly awesome songs and music videos! As seen on TMZ FREE to download!.

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Ditty sings anything you text. Make stupidly . Anything you type into it sounds really funny when added to any of the many songs that are included. Also some of.