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so there's a secret clue in the RAWR box on Dragon's Teeth expansion. The chance to find this is rare. the clue show an equation. Paracel.

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On the Nansha Strike map in the Naval Strike DLC a giant shark, or megalodon, can be triggered as an Easter egg. Check out this amazing.

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Battlefield 4 Phantom Initiate Password - How to Complete the Assignment. With Shark Week upon us, is there a second Megalodon in.

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Stop searching the Paracel Storm Megalodon ( To be honest, it can' t be worse than the AA-mine in Battlefield 4. Edit: Now .. Second thing, if you can disable EE's serverside, does that mean you can just disable.

how to play carcassonne solitaire free . in order to get BF4 to stop shitting the bed when I play second assault for.

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Main Page > Battlefield 4. the Phantom dog tag, MP. Phantom Trainee, Second phase of the Phantom Program, unlocks the Phantom gun camouflage, MP.