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In a classy homage to her character, she reprises her role once more in this week's "School Reunion."Once again, series writers chose to.

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The Walking Dead: "Bounty" Review · Doctor Who / 2 Oct AM PDT. The 25 Most Essential Doctor Who Episodes. Page 2 Of 2. Continued from Page 1 " School Reunion" (Season 2 - Revived Series). Deftly linking the show's past to.

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Doctor Who itself, The Wicker Man and every other story Nigel "School Reunion," which very deliberately recast her relationship with the set with the Doctor Who DVD release "The Invisible Enemy" (reviewed separately).

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"Hell Bent" is a strong close to a very strong season of Doctor Who that best illustration of this concept way back in “School Reunion,” where.

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This is a Spoiler-free review of the Doctor Who Season 11 premiere. They're all working-class, presumably going along with the Doctor's.

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It recalls the great David Tennant episode “School Reunion,” when the Doctor's old companion Sarah Jane Smith returned and we pondered.