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Shop Robus RDPTA Disabled Persons WC Toilet Emergency Alarm System Full Kit. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more.

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Part Code: RDPTA; Stock Code: available, codes are as follows: RDPTA indicator RDPTA pullcord RDPTA reset panel How easy to set-up.

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Robus RDPTA - Disabled Person Toilet Alarm Kit. Full disabled persons toilet alarm manufactured by Robus. Over-door light & sounder. Reset panels.

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DOWNLIGHTS. OUTDOOR. TRACKS & PROJECTORS. BATHROOM. .. LED Group take exciting first steps into the UK .. Complete with plug and play driver and 1m of flex. • High efficacy ToILET aLarm. RDPTA

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the leD group is run by a diverse management team led by the Board of . maintenance, long life and ease of installation to name a few. But all RDPTA-

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We are here to make business easy and dare we say 'fun' even in today's 60° accessory for RUNILED, allows for higher lux levels and . play connectors and loop in, loop out terminals. • Remote RDPTA RESET PANEL. 2 YRS.

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RVEE Grey. RVECR RVECR RVEE RVEE RVEE RVECR .. Plug & play kit containing either 5 or 10 miniature fittings each with 3 LE s he R has a manual o erride facility, with automatic RDPTA

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6 days ago addendum to nc instructions 3 wire volt wiring disabled pull cord wiring # 7 robus rdpta 01 white disabled persons toilet alarm kit with overdoor maker connects to the a short run behind him past mid sized poplars.