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The Nightmarish Staff of Herding could be crafted using the Plan: Nightmarish Staff of Herding, , gold (20, on console), and the Staff of Herding.

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The staff has only one use, to open a portal to the secret level Whimsyshire. Having this item in your inventory allows for you to access Nightmare Difficulty level.

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Nevertheless, I saved up gold and upgraded my staff to Hellish, just . You had to upgrade the Staff of Herding to use it on higher Difficulties.

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Nightmarish Staff of Herding. 2-Hand. Legendary Staff. ; Damage Per Only one bovine in all of Nightmarish Sanctuary could possibly have a use for this.

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The Staff of Herding, and its respective upgrades the Nightmarish, The upgraded staves are crafted using the original staff (or whatever last.

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You can open Whimsyshire anytime now whether you have a Staff of Awwww I wanted the Nightmarish Staff of Herding, not some regular "Staff of Now if there was an AH and I could USE that money for something like.

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Just completed my staff of herding, this might be old news but it will hopefully You can buy the nightmarish staff of herding plan in nightmare.

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Only one bovine in all of Hellish Sanctuary could possibly have a use for this. Nightmarish Staff of Herding, 1. Result. Hellish Staff of Herding.

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Find out how to efficiently farm mats for your Staff of Herding and get To get there, simply create a game in Adventure Mode and use the.

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Q: Is the staff destroyed on use? A: No, you can use the staff as many times as you wish. Q: Does the nightmare/hell/inferno version of the staff.