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Arrow Crafting Quest 20 Resin png 13 Trunk png 41 Pointed Scale. Rewards. Quest Reward(s): Ability to use Arrow Crafting.

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Arrow Crafting Quest - posted in Archer Classes: Okay so the NPC is at I have to use materials one by one to make arrows, is there anyway to.

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Making Arrow. Talk to him, he will need you to bring him some items before he can teach you. Requirement: If you are an Archer you must be at Job level 30 or.

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Also, the user must commit to a Crit Damage heavy build to make it Kayin Blitz - a bow that specializes in Fatal Arrow and Charge Arrow and.

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To complete this quest effectively you'll need a good speech stat (at least 8), the camp to scout it, as well as sabotaging the bandits' food and arrows. while he's unprepared) and steal his clothes, or you can make a big loop You have three chances to fool them, after that you'll aggro the whole camp.

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But he knew the full history of his tribe and their destruction. He taught me to make bows and arrows, how to shoot them, and how to hunt, Indian fashion. Draw your bow three inches more than the standard cloth yard of twenty-eight feeds the soul of the sportsman where the quest of game only whets his appetite.