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The main energy substrate of the brain is glucose, and—to a lesser . through sequestration into membrane-engulfed autophagosomes. These.

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Nat Rev Drug Discov. Jan;12(1) doi: /nrd Epub Dec Kynurenines in the CNS: recent advances and new questions.

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The in vivo disposition of kynurenine in the brain depends on the cellular localization, intracellular compartmentalization and kinetic characteristics of these two.

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Doxycycline reduces mortality and injury to the brain and cochlea in .. invading bacterium, which then becomes engulfed by the cell membrane and.

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As noted earlier, the significance for the host of IDO-1 induction in the endothelium is unclear. The kynurenine pathway and parasitic infections that affect CNS.

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the brain. The kynurenine pathway is under immunological control and can be induced Astrocytes tightly engulf the synapse in an interaction termed "the.

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Shunting of tryptophan metabolism toward kynurenine pathway (KP) and In addition, a volumetric analysis of brain structures of the limbic system was pathogens, phagocytes such as macrophages that engulf microbes, and toll-like .