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If your child has a stuffy nose from a cold or allergies, it is likely that their snoring is caused by blockage in the sinuses. This nasal blockage.

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Are you a kid who snores? Find out why some Blocked nasal passages or airways (due to a cold or sinus infection) can cause a rattling snore. A deviated.

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Although noisy breathing during sleep is common in children, it may be a sign that your child is having difficulty breathing. The photo below shows enlarged tonsils in a child with obstructive sleep apnoea. Snoring or noisy breathing is common in children but may also be the first.

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While nearly half of all adults snore occasionally, snoring is not quite so common in children. So if your kids snores, is that cause for concern?.

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Many if not most children snore on occasion, and about 10 percent or more snore on most nights. Snoring is a noise that occurs during sleep when the child is.

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A child's snore may sound cute, or even funny, but habitual snoring in children may contribute to problems ranging from bed-wetting to poor.