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Results 1 - 10 of 23 Karen recently joined First Focus as Vice President of Early Childhood Policy. In that capacity, Karen is responsible for leading the.

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First Focus Staff. Staff Directory. Bruce Lesley. President, First Focus Karen Howard. Vice President, Early Childhood Policy.

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Statement of Bruce Lesley, president of First Focus on Children, regarding the federal district court ruling in Texas v. Azar declaring the Affordable Care .

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The focus of this research study is specific to the experiences and challenges .. As such, the first iteration of the EYFS (DCSF, ) was presented by policy makers (Finnegan et al., ; Flewitt, ; Howard-Jones, ; Morrisoe, ). I realised that when I am completing this Zine for Karen that I keep writing.

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By Rachel Smolkin, Scripps Howard News Service — Mar 7th, The Great Reading War - phonics vs. whole language - has little bearing on teachers' real work, reading or one best program," said Susan Derber, a first-grade teacher at Carl Sandburg Advocates of this approach believe children who focus on.

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Record - I recommend a two‐pronged solution: first, provide one clear and consistent program of phonics instruction, and second, provide copious.

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and repeated readings, in order to focus on fluency and reading First, teachers can teach phonemic awareness and phonics to promote students' researchers chose Read Well (Sprick, Howard, & Fidanque, ), and Read Naturally.