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Further, some ligaments prevent movement in certain directions. Three of the more Intertransverse, Lumbar, Lateral flexion. Iliolumbar.

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The intertransverse ligaments are ligaments that are placed between the transverse processes ligaments often blend with the intertransverse muscles. The function of the intertransverse ligaments is to limit lateral flexion of the spine.

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Ligaments of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis. The “action” of a ligament is similar to that of an antagonist muscle. If either is tight/taut, it restricts motion to the.

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If either is tight/taut, it restricts motion to the opposite side. the intertransverse ligament located on the left side becomes taut and limits this.

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Spinal ligaments also provide stability to the column. They do this by limiting the degree of movement in the direction opposite their location.

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joint structure; axes of motion and joint movements; movements available * Because of their lateral location, intertransverse ligaments (6) limit.

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These highly specialized structures allow for extremes of movement while the remaining IV ligaments limit flexion movements.6,7,8 In a study for the ALL and the supraspinous ligament (SSL), with values ranging from.