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Howard Henry Baker Jr. (November 15, – June 26, ) was an American politician and For example, he had a lead role in the fashioning and passing of the Clean Air Act of with Democratic senator Edmund Muskie. Committee, chaired by Senator Sam Ervin, which investigated the Watergate scandal.

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Jun 26, Howard Baker, who accomplished much in his years in Washington, may be and Fred Thompson, chief minority counsel of the Senate Watergate Watergate scandal site, made famous by 'Deep Throat,' set for demolition.

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Jun 26, Remembering Howard Baker, whose famous question embodied the daily on TV to focus squarely on Richard Nixon and his role in the cover-up. Baker emerged as an unlikely star of the Watergate hearings in the summer of . Regan amid scandal over the administration's secret moves to trade.

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Mar 12, Howard Baker Jr. His party credentials were unassailable. Baker was the ranking Republican on the special Senate committee that investigated Watergate . had no direct evidence of the President's role in the break in or in any cover up. Baker's opinion of the President and the scandal was changing.

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Howard Baker Tennessee's first popularly-elected Republican senator, Howard H. Baker Jr. served as vice chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee.

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During his three-term tenure as Tennessee's first popularly-elected Republican senator, Howard H. Baker Jr. acted as Vice Chairman of the Senate Watergate.

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Feb 14, Howard Baker during the Senate Watergate hearings. the Watergate scandal, eventually culminating in the revelation that the president had.

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Senator Howard H. Baker, Jr., who had, upon the creation of the Senate Select. Committee .. “played any role in” the Watergate affair (“Hearings”, , p. 6).