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The fact is, however, sometimes the brain drain is the problem. But sometimes these mental shortcuts, known as heuristics, can trip you up and cause you to make mistakes. Such cognitive biases can prevent you from thinking clearly and making accurate decisions—about your finances.

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When we look at the world, do we see things how they are? Or how we think they should be? Do we see everything there is to see? Often.

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Have you ever considered that your own mind is sabotaging your path to happiness? While your mind may not be the sole culprit, it is a clever.

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Instead of automatically believing your anxiety thoughts, you can learn to say to yourself, "Oh, that's just my anxiety brain kicking in; it's no big.

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Your mind plays tricks on you constantly. See how Illusions and brain benders affect you and discover why you cant always trust what you see!.

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There are many sensory tricks that your mind plays on you. Find out about the different phenomena that neuroscientists have discovered over the decades.

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This short survey and see if affordable online therapy can help you because you Thus, depression plays tricks on your mind because a properly functioning.

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While you think you're in control of your life, decisions, and behaviors, more often than not your brain is constantly playing tricks on you.

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These tricks your brain plays on you are fascinating, and might add some perspective to 1It Makes You Think Others Can Read Your Mind.