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What does voluntary redundancy involve, and how should you tackle it that proposals are put in writing – before you weigh up what you want.

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Answer (1 of 1): Writing a letter to an employer and asking for voluntary redundancy must be done carefully and professionally. After all, there is always a chance.

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Sample redundancy letters and documents. You can download the sample redundancy templates below to help you manage the redundancy process.

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Every employer must follow the proper voluntary redundancy process. The first step is to write a voluntary redundancy letter explaining the.

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Sample letters. 1 Letter notifying result of application for voluntary redundancy (B. , p. 11). 2 Letter notifying recommendation for redundancy (B, p. 13).

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A voluntary redundancy letter is a letter that an employee writes to his or her employer, requesting What Is an Example of a Letter Rescinding a Resignation ?.

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How to Write a Redundancy Letter & Document Process. Home > Guides > Redundancy > How to Write a Voluntary Redundancy.

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Voluntary redundancy is a recognised category of dismissal for redundancy. Once the scope of the programme has been established and agreed, write to the relevant employees and invite them to apply for The letter should explain.