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How to get started setting up your home theater system. In a basic setup, you might have a TV, AV receiver, Blu-ray Disc or DVD player, media streamer, and possibly a VCR (or DVD recorder). Either method will allow you to watch any sources connected directly to the TV and hear.

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The average home theater setup includes speakers, a receiver, some form of video It's generally advisable to use products which are all roughly the same age.

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At its core, a home theater system should provide a high-quality video Some home theater installers recommend the use of multiple subwoofers to help deliver .

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“Speakers are the best upgrade for any home theater system,” CNET's Ty Use a pair for a stereo setup or add a few surrounds and a.

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If you find that your TV, A/V receiver or home theater system does not support ARC, you will need to use Option 2: Coaxial Digital Cable, Optical Digital Cable, .

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If you are shopping for a home theater system you need to read this. When using the Sonos One as an integrated part of a surround system.

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There are two (2) basic types of connections to enable this kind of feature on your Blu-ray or DVD Home Theater System. TYPE 1 - Using a pair of RCA or.