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Horses develop a hard mouth for many reasons, including pain, stress, and Q: I bought a horse at auction with an unknown training history.

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I believe that there is no such thing as a hard mouthed horse; they are “hard real problem; it is pulling hard constantly that will teach him to get “hard minded.”.

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This is called conditioned-response training. In short, the “hard-mouthed” horse has not been conditioned properly to respond softly, immediately and.

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Just wondering what people's oppinions/methods ar for this sort of thing. If you took on a horse that had a really hard mouth (say it had been in.

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I call mouthing one of the most important procedures where training the young horse is concerned. It is critical to cause the horse to respond to.

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He was my first horse and has some training issues. He can be pretty hard mouthed, especially away from home. He doesn't stop very well and.

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He is also trying to run through the bit and is very hard mouthed. he and I worked together in his early years of training with a qualified trainer.

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Many “Hard Mouthed” horses still have plenty of nerves and bars. In fact, it is their You will need all of the aids available to re-train this horse.