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Directionality is the ability to identify the alignment or orientation of an object in Understanding prepositions and directionality terms such as left, right, top.

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The good news Mrs. Frank shares is that anyone who can read can teach concepts about print to children, including directionality of print; it doesn't take any.

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This skill is extremely important since many functional activities such as reading, counting, and map skills rely on left to right directionality.

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Santa Says Directionality Cut a large Christmas tree shape from green poster board. Cut out a number of different ornaments and invite the children to decorate .

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This lesson plan will expand the vocabulary of your Kindergarten class by teaching them the meaning of directional words. Students will learn and practice .

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This is one of the many ways I teach print concepts in my Pre-K classroom. I use these charts to teach left-to-right progression of print, as well as top-to-bottom.