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Hordes are perhaps the most dangerous enemy in Crusader Kings II. They have Ungvar or Nyitra, they may decide to stop being nomads and settle down. . A number of holdings trigger a special event when sacked by the Mongols: . Retrieved from " ".

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This other horde, the Golden Horde, is here to conquer Europe all the way west to By the late s or early s, the Hordes will usually stop expanding for .

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The Golden Horde is a titular empire. The title first appears on 2nd December in the timeframe of Crusader Kings II. The Golden Horde will continue warring with its neighbours until it runs out of troops.

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So im fighting the horde which has thousand troops, no attrician with atleast good counter to the horse archers setup. what is the ideal army setup to fight mongols? .. Or just try to keep good relations with the horde (alliance and chancelor), .. Groups; Paradox Wikis · Support · Paradox Store; Menu.

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I'm playing as Russia, and the Horde is coming. Can I stop them? of a post - not just the title, or the general idea - needs to be related to CK2. Websites and Wikis Do I have any hope in stopping them golden horde?.

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It's and I still have 30 years or so before the Mongols arrive. I read a guide: which said I to beat Mongols in single battle then you have to avoid fighting any battles.