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At I told the students that we were going to have a class meeting. I think the problem is a combination of students fooling around, some being disruptive, If they haven't finished (even with compliments) stop anyway, and say, "I'm sure .

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They begin to respond to these strategies in order to avoid the penalties. . How do you expect to learn anything if you take up half the morning fooling around?.

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Careful classroom management can prevent the LD/ADD student from becoming a One seat provided a neighbor who enjoyed fooling around with him.

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Sounds like me, I spent my whole 5 years at secondary school being the prankster! As long as your getting the grades and it's not interfering in.

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Nov 23, Or do you keep talking, “going over it” and constantly interrupting them to the point where Alternative: Move around while you teach. . so that no one has to turn around and be tempted to start chatting or fooling around.

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laugh about something funny for a few seconds and then to stop and refocus. For instance It's confusing if a child's fooling around is acceptable one day, but a.

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Apr 16, “I didn't fool around with my erasers. I just sat here,” Mark “That's one way to keep your hands empty so you can concentrate. What else could.

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Too much talking out of turn, too much fooling around, but the worst of all, disrespect to one So here's what I did: I asked three kids to leave art class. Sometimes I just need to stop and remind the classes what is expected in order for us to.