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Get memory specifications for iMac (Retina 5K, inch, ), then learn how to Remove a DIMM by pulling the module straight up and out. For iMac (Mid ) and iMac (Mid ), use 2GB or 4GB RAM SO-DIMMs of.

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Learn how to remove or install memory in your iMac computer. For the iMac ( Mid ) and iMac (Mid ) models, use 2 GB or 4 GB.

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iMac Intel " EMC (Mid ) Memory Maxxer RAM Upgrade Kit Repeat the process in the previous steps to remove the RAM module(s) from the .

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Extra RAM for iMac computers is available in the form of Small Outline Dual into your computer's memory slots after removing the door to the memory compartment with a screwdriver. . Upgrade iMac Memory on , , iMacs.

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The model I most recently upgraded is a vintage inch iMac and Removing the iMac memory compartment door (Credit: Brad Moon).

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iMac RAM. Discussion in 'iMac' started by bigboydancegroove.com1, Jun 14, That's good advice for most computers, but won't work for an iMac. To remove iMac memory you have to tug pretty hard on the plastic tab and it will pop the memory out.

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How do you upgrade the RAM in the "Late ," "Mid," "Mid" and The memory upgrade procedure in these Inch and Inch iMac models is . From watching the video, it should be clear that upgrading the RAM in these.

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Apple considers the memory in the "Late ," "Mid" and "Mid" to gingerly remove the display and effectively disassemble the entire computer.

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To get to the memory compartment, lay your iMac on a soft surface The iMac we used for the demo is a model, which accepts up to 16GB so you should remove any unwanted memory before you add new modules.

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Notes: Apple provides an illustrated guide for memory Repeat this process to remove RAM modules from other.