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which will kill all dropped items in the world. However, there are 0. /remove items (radius) with the world edit plugin. share|improve this.

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Jul 8, For example, to kill all items within 20 blocks of (50, 64, ) To kill items within a DX wide, DY high, DZ long cuboid starting at point (X, Y.

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Not to remove mobs/minecarts/boats etc, just floating items to reduce will kill all entities (players, sheep, bats, zombies, and dropped items).

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I want to create a clock circut with a command block that deletes all dropped items on my server. What is the command for it IT HAS TO BE.

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Jan 25, clear [player: target] [itemName: Item] [data: int] [maxCount: int]; Arguments See also: /data — can change or remove items in block or entity.

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3 days ago Items are "dropped" blocks or items (non-block resources) which appear in the world, rather than being in the inventory of the player or a tile.

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Feb 8, There is a neat small Minecraft Mod for this, called Lagfix. So if you wanted to get rid of all dropped items within blocks of where you are.

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Jun 26, Is there maybe a way to clear the map of dropped items? With WorldEdit, you can remove dropped items with the command /remove items.