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I have a video file that contains quite a bit of background noise (just basic camera noise mostly) and I was wondering how to reduce or remove.

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Here is a quick “How to” Tutorial on removing background noise and hiss from your podcast recording using the noise gate in Garageband.

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How to Reduce White Noise With GarageBand To obtain this, you need the ability to filter out ambient noise often called “white noise.

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I want to make sure their speech is centre-stage, and all background noises The only option for noise reduction filtering in GarageBand is the.

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How to Reduce Static in GarageBand. By: Jason Savage on the track. Click on the gray, rectangular button to the left of "Noise Gate" to turn on the gate effect.

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So I'm editing the section i just recorded, and the buil-in mic i was recording picked up the music playing from the apartment upstairs. Is there any way to remove.