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Monotonous definition is - uttered or sounded in one unvarying tone: marked by a sameness of pitch and intensity. How to use monotonous in a sentence.

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monotonous pronunciation. How to say uk How to pronounce monotonous adjective in British English. ​ us How to What is the definition of monotonous?.

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lacking in variety; tediously unvarying: the monotonous flat scenery. tedious, repetitious, boring, repetitive, dreary, humdrum, tiresome, dull, ho-hum, plodding, blah, colorless, flat, nothing, pedestrian, prosaic, recurrent, soporific, unchanged, unchanging. Desperate for a way.

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Another word for monotonous: tedious, boring, dull, repetitive, uniform | Collins English Synonyms of 'monotonous' Video: pronunciation of 'monotonous'.

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Another word for monotony: tedium, routine, boredom, dullness, sameness | Collins See examples for each synonym Video: pronunciation of 'monotony' .

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Synonyms for monotonous at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for monotonous.

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Need synonyms for monotonous? β€œThe dominant grey of the shacks gives the area a dull, monotonous . How do you pronounce the word monotonous?.

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Synonyms; Related terms; Translations Pronunciation[edit] monotonous (comparative more monotonous, superlative most monotonous).

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How to pronounce monotonous in English. The definition of monotonous is: tediously repetitious or lacking in.

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monotonous synonyms in hindi - English to Hindi Dictionary with pictures - Improve vocabulary and learn English. boring day.. Mundane Pronunciation.