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If you have ever tried to paint over pebble dash, or considering doing so, we have some tips, and some words of warning for the average DIY.

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Hi all, I'd like to paint the pebbledash on my external walls white and clean up the exposed brickwork to get it looking like new too. 1) What kind.

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The best results from painting pebble-dash walls is achieved by using a brush on the first coat. A Hamilton Easy Masonary brush is the best.

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Painting pebbledash. Hi,. I am buying a house, the exterior of which is covered by pebbledash, and I am not sure whether it's best to have it.

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Check out Woodie's How To Paint A Pebbledash Wall video for Tips and Advice.

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This article is part of our series of How To Paint Exterior Renders, including sand and cement render, lime render, and pebble dash.