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That's why professional auto paint jobs can't get so pricey. Follow our guide below for a quick primer on how to paint your car yourself.

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Practice in your free time, if possible. The professional equipment for auto body painting can be.

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Having your car professionally repainted can be very expensive. However, a fresh paint job or even simple maintenance to cover and prevent rust doesn't have.

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I figured there's someone here in The Lounge that's painted cars If you're going black again then I'm sure if your paint guy is going to do a.

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Get a FREE A-Z Auto Body and Paint Manual To Help You Clear The Confusion Fast (a $39 value, yours free). Bonus Access To Our Popular 7-Day Auto Body.

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Professional Car Painting Tips for the Automotive Collision Technician Plan to paint your car in either a work shed (if your car will fit) or outside, preferably.

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When it comes to painting a car, any automotive professional will tell you the same car's new look, with insider tips to give your car a truly professional finish.

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You may be considering repainting your car yourself, and wondering whether the best answer to your problems is to spray paint the car yourself.

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Cleaning a car is one thing, but keeping it clean enough to retain a solid the most thorough and professional detailing services money can buy. When looking at a car, it is best to always inspect the paint in either direct.