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You MUST interact with your child using Hug or another expression in front of the door to get it to open. Inside the Demon Door you'll find

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You need only show up in front of this Demon Door with a child -- sounds easy right? Well, there's a catch: it has to be your OWN child. This is.

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You must perform certain actions to convince them to open and reveal a secret Mistpeak Valley Demon Door · Brightwall Village Demon Door.

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I know you need an innocent/infant to open the door. I have married, and had a child. How can I pick up the child to take to the door, or does my spouce need to.

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Right after getting out of the village, turn right [1] and a bit behind the pawnshop you will find the Door [2]. To open it, you have to bring a child. First of all make.

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It wouldn t be Fable without Demon Doors to open, would it? The secret-hiding, riddle-spouting doors The Brightwall Village Demon Door, Brightwall Village.

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Yet it is still possible for anyone to open up the Demon Door Retirement Home on This Demon Door can be found next to the small village in Mourningwood.

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Next up on this “how to open Fable 3 Demon Doors” list is the Brightwall Village Demon Door, which has grown pessimistic about the world and.

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The first Demon Door is found in Brightwall Village and has a relatively easy need to propose marriage in front of the Demon Door to convince it to open.

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Just to update the Brightwall Village demon door. I brought an adopted child to the door and it still wouldn't open. Then my own kid finally grew.