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Cover a surplus jacket with strips of burlap to create your own ghillie suit. Here's how to do it in just four steps.

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A ghillie suit, originally designed for hunting and now also used for military operations, (for To be safe, apply a fire retardant when making your own ghillie suit.

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To our valued customers: On this page, you will find details regarding the materials, method, and manner of construction of our "Patented" ghillie suit and related.

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Military snipers use ghillie suits to hide in fields forests and other vegatation. I have seen a few other ghillie suit instructables but i wanted to make my own.

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Learn how to make your own ghillie suit cheap and easy using 3D fabric. A great DIY project to make an inexpensive 3D camo suit under $20! We show you how.

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Some hunters enjoy making their own gear and equipment. If you'd like to add apparel to your DIY list, here's how to make a ghillie suit.

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The supplies. Remember, don't start making a ghillie suit unless you are going to finish it! These things aren't easy to make, and take dozens of hours to finish.

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In most modern militaries, the answer is a resounding no. Most armies will issue proper, factory made ghillie suits to those soldiers that need.

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Ghillie suits take camouflage to the next level by altering the recognizable human shape into a blurry form that is hard to detect even with the best set of eyes.