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What if I want add a High Energy photo edge to this photo for some extra punch? This tutorial shows you how to make your own photo edges in photoshop.

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Creating the effect is easy, requiring nothing more than a few layers, the This version of our Worn, Torn Photo Edges tutorial is for Photoshop CS5 and earlier.

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Knowing how to retouch an image in Adobe Photoshop CS6 means little if you don't know how to make the retouching discreet. If you boost the color using.

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This tutorial is to help you learn how to give a photo a soft edge. This technique is mainly used for collages, but it can also be used for displays, reports, or just to.

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Open the photo that you want to alter within Photoshop. Drag your cursor around the image, creating a border around the image where you want the edges to.

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Open the file in Photoshop. See the Change the stroke width to "15 pt" to make the color stroke thicker. Apply a.

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Do you want to blur the edges in your image? Sometimes you may want to edit a portrait so that the edges blend to white or a transparent.

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Photoshop CS6 - Create Rounded Corners in Photo: In this tutorial, I will show you how to create This will create a Vector Mask thumbnail next to the photo.