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However, instead of using water, replace it with the Ciroc Peach Vodka. evenly, then add a layer of cake mix on top of it (about a cup and a half should do it).

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NGREDIENTS: 1 box white cake mix, + eggs and oil on back of box Ciroc Peach Vodka 2 sticks of What are some good recipes for homemade peach brandy?.

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1/2 cup Peach lux Vodka Remove from the heat and slowly pour in the Peach Ciroc. After you make the batter stir in the diced peaches.

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Liquor Cupcakes, Alcohol Infused Cupcakes, Liquor Cake, Drunken Peach Ciroc Cupcakes- I'll be making these ASAP Liquor Cupcakes, Drunken Cupcakes .

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Peach Ciroc Cupcakes with Peach Ciroc Buttercream. Peach flavored cake infused with Ciroc Peach, topped with a peach buttercream frosting. Liquor.

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Peach Ciroc cupcakes Alcohol Infused Cupcakes, Merengue, Adult Birthday Peach Ciroc cupcake (alcoholic desserts parties) Liquor Cupcakes, Liquor Cake, .

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How to make Ciroc Vodka Flaveored cupcakes. Ciroc Vodka Cupcakes Yummy treat for your guest.

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Meanwhile, prepare your cupcakes as you normally would but replace the water in the recipe with Ciroc Peach Vodka. Our cake mix called for.