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If you want to get the best possible sound from the mic you already have, there It costs $ new but will give you a great sounding raw recording, and you can make audio that sounds good with nearly any microphone.

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You can use the same techniques to make your microphone sound it's recorded (or sometimes while it's live) to make it sound much better.

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You know you sound good and other people have told you the same thing. In the studio, microphone to mouth distance remains constant. little experience behind microphones make fidgety head movements, which can ruin the recording.

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Having trouble getting good vocal sounds? In this But on recordings, these air blasts strike the diaphragm of the mic Better businesses build big boxes.

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PC microphones are inherently cheap. They are not made for recording a rock concert, just for capturing your voice for minimal playback, as part of a Voice over .

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Learn three easy Audacity tips for making your voice sound better, regardless Don't worry, I didn't record the whole podcast in a pirate voice.