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You can change your settings so that only friends of friends can send you friend If you'd like for people to be able to follow you, make sure you've turned on Create Page.

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How can i disable add friend button and only follow button can see by everyone? Account Follow this Question · Share. Answers Careers · Create Page.

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Your friends aren't the only ones who might like your photos or posts. When you make your post public, anyone can see it, and your friends and followers can .

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We make it easy to find your people with social ads, postcards, landing pages, and more. Now only your friends' friend can send you friendship request while other can only How can I delete the "Add friend" button on my Facebook Page?.

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Click the down arrow at the top-right of any Facebook page and click Account Settings Only people who allow Followers have a Follow button on their Profiles.

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You have the option of adding a Follow button to your own Facebook Timeline to enable Just follow these easy steps: Items on the left side of this page allow you to edit different types of settings. Username: Set up a username so people can quickly type a URL into their browsers and go straight to your Timeline.