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What is the size of a dinner napkin? What is the best material for cloth napkins? How do you finish the edges.

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Unless it's a party and there's very many of us, only cloth napkins will do. I do appreciate a nicely laid table, and admire those hosts who devote.

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Sewing your own cloth napkins is an inexpensive way to set the table, and it will help save the environment. Think about all of those paper.

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What you'll need to make 4 napkins: yards of linen or cotton fabric (see next step for fabric breakdown) - matching thread (or a fun contrast color - it's up to.

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DIY Network shows you how to make a chic set of dinner napkins using just a few scraps of fabric.

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They feel nicer, reduce waste, and over the lifetime of a set of cloth napkins, cost fabric and wrinkles are a concern, unless you plan to iron your napkins after.