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Interested in bokeh photography? Read Nikon tips on how to achieve the bokeh effect in your photos and see our beautiful examples of bokeh.

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Want to take portraits that have nice bokeh? using different DOF and whether or not the background or foreground is in or out of focus effects portrait shots.

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This tutorial will show you several methods for creating realistic bokeh and blur use additional textures in your artwork, created digitally or by using a camera.

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Bokeh Effect Tutorial: How To Capture Photographs With “That Blurry More specifically, bokeh is the photography term used to define out of.

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Learn to shoot a bokeh background in your photography by using camera bokeh— so what's the difference and how do you get that blurry background effect?.

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If you frequent photography websites or have photographer friends, then there's a good chance you've encountered the term bokeh before. Camera enthusiasts.