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Any vehicle that delivers beans and melty cheese is a good vehicle. When said vehicle happens to be a pupusa, that's even better. You may.

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Homemade pupusas with a delicious and simple bean and cheese filling. Served with a traditional curtido salad.

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Thick, homemade corn tortillas stuffed with melted cheese and refried beans are topped with a quick cabbage slaw. [Photographs: Lauren.

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Pupusas are the national dish of El Salvador; they are usually stuffed with cheese , beans. they are usually stuffed with cheese, beans and chicharron (pork) and Meanwhile, here's how I make them at home, in California.

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We're making ours with queso Oaxaca, a deliciously stringy, semi-hard cheese, and beans seasoned with onion, cilantro and authentic spices. As per custom.

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Pupusas are, in my opinion, El Salvadorian comfort food! A pupusa is like a thick corn flour pancake filled with either beans, cheese, beans and.

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Pupusas are a delicious stuffed bread hailing from El Salvador. These are filled with refried beans and a melty homemade vegan jalapeƱo.