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Wood glue is very slippery when wet, and applying clamps often causes the parts A few chamfers need to be cut to give the pantograph its full range of motion.

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A moving table will be a guaranteed property to your woodworking store. Offered in 4 sizes and developed to fit the majority of table saws, moving tables make it.

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A Pantograph is a drawing aid that simplifies the enlarged copying of or for people who are into craft activities like patchwork, woodworking, modelling, etc.

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3D Pantograph: This instructable is to build a 3d pantograph. The hole will need to go all the way through the wood. Step 5: Making the Pantograph Pivot.

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Build This: Make a DIY Wooden 3D Pantograph. I've seen a few of these interesting contraptions over the past few years, and really had no.

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So ignoring the first effort here's how I made the second one, I cut five strips of wood four to make up the pantograph frame and one so that I.