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DIY-Welder - Build your own Arc, MIG and TIG welder, Page hits: A filter capacitor; Suitable connectors, wire and welding electrode holder and clamp.

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and a volt battery, you can build your own portable DC arc welder. electric welders available, and one could use a shop unit and tote along a generator.

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So my questions are, does any one know anything about this type of generator? Would it be worth it to build a new generator welder with it?.

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the amperage that a power generator makes won't be enough to do much. A welding generator/alternator is wound differently from a power.

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They have a amp 28 VDC Generator for $ Then go back and click on Welder/Accessories and they have everything else to make a little.

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Home made welder by day, DC generator by night I'm thinking it should be able to make 50 to 80 amps at 55v with out any issue and with out.

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anybody ever heard of making a welder from an alternator? a guy at work was .. You could technically run a home generator with that puppy!.

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A welding power supply is a device that provides an electric current to perform welding. Welding power supplies may also use generators or alternators to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. it is now possible to build a switched-mode power supply capable of coping with the high loads of arc welding.