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How to Make a Sake Bomb. A sake bomb is a beer cocktail. It's a taste explosion and much of the fun is in the method of drinking it, which is explained after the.

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One fun trick is to line up a hundred beers and then set up shots of sake on top of them and have them fall into the glasses like dominos.

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pretending to have a good time. and the drinker drinks it immediately. Recipe: 1 shot sake rice wine; 1 glass beer sake bomb domino.

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In a task that was executed to perfection, he calmly drops sake bombs into a Warm sake is mixed with beer to create a sake bomb.

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It is just called "Sake Bomb", it is the liquor that mixes sake with beer. It is said that the name born from the idea that makes it easy to drink “sake” . Bomb Dominoes - Mobo Sushi - Santa Cruz, CA How To Sake Bomb Sake.

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(CBS) - If you've been out drinking at a Japanese restaurant, chances are you've heard of a sake bomb. For those who have not, it's typically a.