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The Phage is the first shotgun to have a continuous-firing feature, as well as the first PHAGE BEAM CROSSINGS - Reverse Ghostbusters 5 forma - Warframe.

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PHAGE, PHAGE. Fires seven beams of continuous biochemical energy which depletes the life of any surface they contact.

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It is called status/sec in my arsenal and I hardly ever actually get a status on one Is this special for the phage or do all weapons receive this?.

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I currently have a Phage Related Riven mod and I was curious how good the Phage is?.

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Is the phage worth getting? Content must be directly related to Warframe - title alone isn't good enough. • Take issues with your account to.

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As the title says, haven't used the weapon before. Was excited to get a shotgun riven last night, then it become Phage. Is this an ok Shotgun?.

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For Warframe on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic you also have viral because phage has base viral damage (given).