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All Fees for vehicle for hire permits and licenses can be found on the City fee schedules. The form can be emailed to or faxed to.

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To make ends meet, I got behind the wheel of a Houston cab. To get a license in Houston, you must have a valid Texas driver's license, pass a written test to.

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Operating your own taxi business can be a lucrative business but it is The City of Houston's Administration and Regulatory Services Department If you wish to pick up or drop off passengers at an airport you must get a security permit.

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You need this permit before you can start operating your taxi business in Texas. Get the permit from the city's regulatory authority. For instance, in Houston, get a.

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Each independent contractor driver is responsible for obtaining a taxi driver's license from the City of Houston, which grants operating authority. Most drivers own.

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Julian owns his taxi but leases the permit giving him the right to drive. gives you more customers, all these customers that used to take taxis.".

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The colorful mass of Houston taxis congregate around a few high-traffic areas insurance liability requirements for dispatch companies that cover the drivers. Getting a ride to and from the city's airports, for example, is easy.

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Find your SUCCESS as an Independent Contractor Driver at United Cab driver is responsible for obtaining a taxi driver's license from the City of Houston.