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IndieReader's team of professional reviewers boast a range of background and Ingram Book Company – IndieReader's reviews appear on the “buy” pages of.

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When it comes to promoting an indie book, you don't have a whole marketing team behind you like a traditionally published author does. Authors on contracts.

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Authors need book reviews the hard part is getting them. sites in Google, and then you will quickly learn that they don't love indie or self-published authors.

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connect with bloggers and writers who review indie books for free. But, in an increasingly crowded indie market, it can be difficult to get.

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If your book isn't selling, reviews are usually not the culprit. That being said, if you have no reviews, or are staring at two reviews with a Amazon rating, you.

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This page provides links to where Indie books are reviewed. If you review Indie books please go here and I'll add your link to the list. To be on this list the Indie.