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will clean up those hard water stains from your toilets in just minutes if your toilet rings look like mine, it's safe to say that you have hard water.

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4 days ago Learn how to rid your toilet bowl of unsightly hard water stains using common household products, and without harsh chemicals.

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The toilet is no one's favorite cleaning job and discolorations can be hard to remove. However, if you Once you have picked up the hard water spots, flush.

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If you already have rings around the toilet bowl, a couple of popular types of products may just disappoint. Bleach and bleach-containing cleansers often make.

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Minerals can be great for the body but not always so great for the toilet, which sounds backward unless talking about hard water. Magnesium and calcium are.

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Keeping your toilet shiny and clean should be a housekeeping priority. Getting Rid of Hard Water Stains. Baking Soda and Vinegar Mixture.

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Cleaning toilets is not much fun at all, but I have a few easy toilet cleaning hacks that will make it a little easier. I even have a great trick showing.

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For extra hard water, you can let this sit for an hour or more. If you want to use a commercial cleaner to get rid of the stains in your toilet, there are several.