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Are achy legs keeping your child awake at night? He or she may have growing pains. Growing pains are cramping, achy muscle pains that.

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Does your child sometimes wake up crying in the middle of the night complaining of throbbing leg pain? It could be growing pains.

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Growing pains may cause a lot of pain but they are harmless and can respond to simple treatments.

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Growing pains — Learn about this common condition involving leg pain in children, including growing pain symptoms and how to ease.

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Maybe you've heard other kids talk about 'growing pains', or maybe No-one knows what causes growing pains, as nothing can be found.

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The pain often comes in both legs whereas pain that is caused by an underlying physical problem is more likely to be in one limb. Growing.

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Are achy legs waking your child up at night? If the problem disappears like a bad dream in the morning, it could be growing pains. About % of children will.

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Has your child ever complained of sore legs in the afternoon or evening? They might be experiencing growing pains. It can be distressing when.

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One in three children suffers from what is commonly known as 'growing pains'. Growing pains usually strike at night with children complaining.

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Growing pains are common and are usually nothing to worry about. See a GP if you're worried your child's discomfort is more serious than growing pains.