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Greater trochanter. Photo used with permission from Smith & Nephew. Handy tips for finding key locate the Iliac Crest / hip bone palpate frontward. ➢ ASIS is a sharp notch: above the femur/ thigh bone when seated. Posterior superior iliac.

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I would say that this is by far the place and space that people identify as their hip joint. The greater trochanter is actually part of your femur.

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Iliac Crests; Greater trochanter of the femur; Anterior superior iliac spine - You can find the iliac crests by placing the sides of your.

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Click thumbnails for larger images. Right femur from behind, with greater trochanter labeled at right. Upper extremity of right femur viewed from behind and .

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Key words: Greater trochanter measurement, Motion capture system, Prone measurement (GT-m) system can be used to determine the location of the . The anterior femoral glide syndrome suggested by Sahrmann) is one.

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The greater trochanter (great trochanter) of the femur is a large, irregular, quadrilateral Find sources: "Greater trochanter" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (April ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message).