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While carvings on wood furniture may look beautiful and ornate, keeping them looking nice requires a little extra attention, since dust tends to accumulate in all.

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Over time, that carved work collects dust simply by being out in the open. State University Extension: Cleaning, Repairing and Reconditioning Wood Furniture.

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Carved wooden furniture can be intimidating to clean properly. Once you know the right tools and methods to use on your wooden furniture, you will have no excuse for not cleaning your carved wood properly and often. Do not use water to clean wood furniture, as the wood can soak up.

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If you have a house full of carved wooden furniture like I do, you've probably discovered that dusting and polishing can take a very long time. It's not the actual .

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Over time, that carved work collects dust simply by being out in the open. If it's left uncleaned Cleaning carved, antique wood furniture without harm. Mahogany.

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Warisha asked: “How do I remove sticky dirt from my wooden chairs? Our dining chairs have dark wooden polish on them, but they also have a thick layer of dirt.

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Even though the process of dusting the antique wood carvings is not a fast, easy process, you should try Tags: antique furniture, antique wood, wood carvings.