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A JAX-WS java service endpoint (JSE) is deployed as a web application. Here is a sample descriptor: web-app >.

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When developing a Web Service Endpoint (the server-side) you have . For a portable JAX-WS deployment, the wrapper classes generated.

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Creating a Web service from a Java bean using JBossWS runtime JAX-WS ( Java API for XML Web Services) defines a programming model Users can easily create, deploy and run a Web Service(WSDL based) and a Web Service Client.

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Creating a Web service from a Java bean using JBossWS runtime. In this chapter . If you want to deploy your service to a different server click the link to specify a different server. Select your runtime: ensure the JBoss WS runtime is selected.

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When developing a web service endpoint on the server side, you have the option using this class, and it is the only Java code needed to deploy on JBossWS.

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package bigboydancegroove.come; import shows an example of the correct structure for JAR deployment of an EJB Web Service.