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So, apparently I've got what Kelly Ripa's got. That's actually good news. Sure, I might have a “condition” or a “disorder,” but it's a relief to know.

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Read how Kelly deals with Misophonia. Kelly Ripa talks about dealing with misophonia. Read how Kelly deals with Misophonia. Click Here.

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Kelly Ripa opened last Friday's episode of Live! with Regis and Kelly by There is no cure for misophonia, but some treatments have shown.

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In that spirit, I put a temporary halt to hounding Kelly Ripa to be our celebrity a reasonably priced, effortless, and invisible cure for my case of misophonia.

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have misophonia. But what is misophonia and how can it be treated? Kelly Ripa, what is misophonia by Kelly Ripa is an.

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While there is no cure, neurologists speculate on the cause. and Kelly Ripa discussed her own struggle with misophonia on ABC's “20/20”.