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Jan 15, Job + Study = Challenging Life but Better Career and Future. So this is a great opportunity for you. There is a lot to learn. It can make your life very disciplined.

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Jun 28, This question was originally answered on Quora by Shovan Chowdhury My friend Rafiq's Facebook status from the USA read, “I got job offer from Google I could not concentrate on my studies for few days and felt the urge.

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Jul 20, This question was originally answered on Quora by Martin Silvertant. high- functioning autistics' ability to focus? originally appeared on Quora: the place to A creative teacher or parent can channel obsessions into career-relevant skills [5] . The study further indicates that individuals with ASD are highly.

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Oct 6, 10 Ways To Stay Ridiculously Focused On Your Goals I didn't feel like I had those luxuries when I was working 10 hour days and at night building my career as a writer. The more you read and study, the sharper your toolbox will be. Writer | Founder of Digital Press | 4x Top Writer on Quora | 50M+.

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Sep 21, My friend Rafiq's Facebook status read, "I got a job offer from Google. I could not concentrate on my studies for a few days and felt the Found my life's purpose: I started to write on Quora despite hundreds of limitations.

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May 16, There are better quality, better paying, more exciting jobs available outside of big companies. nobody ever mentions? originally appeared on Quora - the place to . Startup Genome, which studies and supports entrepreneurship (and the city with the world's highest per-capita concentration of startups.

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Jul 8, Almost 60% of film studies graduates went into full-time employment in The focus of your degree is an important factor, says Margaret.

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Feb 23, Ending a serious relationship, getting fired from a job, and having your startup crash and burn can all seem devastating when Quora user Carolyn Cho took the same approach. Be patient and stay focused on the present.