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How to determine whether you have bit or bit Excel. Jet Reports If you are using the Jet Reports MSI installer for an older version of Jet, you will need to know the bit-level of your installation. Excel is bit.

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Note: Excel and earlier are all bit. How to tell if Excel is bit or bit Just below you will see the version and either (bit) or (bit). Excel.

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I have Windows 7 on a 64 bit computer with 8 GBs or RAM. I need a 64 bit verison of Excel as I am currently having performance issues. Thanks.

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Once you have started Excel, how you determine your version depends on the version . There is no details of bit version of excel version.

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I dont remember if i chose 32bit or 64bit Office when i installed it. Also, does it matter if it's 32bit or 64bit if i'm doing basic Word and Excel? Also, I believe the first Office version to have a bit installation option is.

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The bit version you install should match the bit version of Microsoft Excel in Office Only comes in 32bit; Office Only comes in 32bit.

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Are you wondering if you're running the 32 bit or the 64 bit version of Office ? Here's how you can quickly find out which version you're.

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Microsoft Office only has one version – the bit edition. It installs Large and complex Excel worksheets or large databases running with Access – in other words heavy calculation loads. See the bottom of this page.

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around the world get more from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Office - About for bit version image from Office bit or No, we don't know why this useful indicator is only set for Outlook and not Office generally. Office Office Office Office Web Apps Office XP.

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The following will walk you through how to find the version of Office you are running for Office & Start a Microsoft Office program (Word, Excel.