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The onions should have a nice brown color at that point. Then add the cola (it will de-glaze the skillet and add a wonderful flavor). Continue to.

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These delicious caramelized onions made with Coca-Cola can work as a garnish or topping for many dishes.

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Coke and onions make a delicious topping for hot dogs and just about everything else. Get the recipe here and try it yourself!.

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I like making true caramelized onions - no sugar or vinegar here! He poured some coca cola over them and boiled off the water leaving sugar and flavours in .

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I have made Root Beer slow cooked beef & pork, Mtn. Dew apple dumplings and now Coca-Cola sauteed caramelized onions. All are so.

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The Best Coca Cola Onions Recipes on Yummly | Coca Cola Chicken Wings, Coca Cola Bbq Sauce, Coca-cola Carnitas.